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We are specialized in moisture treatment.


Capillary humidity

The humidity and the penetration of the water in the structure of the house are some of the main damages in the same. Moisture manifests itself in the form of bad odors, damp walls, chipped walls, fungus, saltpeter, and cracking.

The dampness by filtration are those that rise up the walls of a building from its foundations. Moisture moves up the walls due to the small pores in building materials. The main routes of ascent of humidity are the mortar joints.

Condensation humidity

The quality of construction today is based on insulation. All this becomes a problem in the necessary renewal of the interior air volume.

In addition to environmental insulation, modern life causes homes to generate more and more humidity. A family of 3 people can produce between 2 and 7 liters of water every day through their breathing and domestic activity (showering, cooking, ironing…). This accumulation of water vapor within a closed environment generates the so-called "condensation humidity".


Moisture from seepage


Construction materials absorb water or moisture from the ground that rises through areas with poor waterproofing.

The dampness by filtration occurs in walls and walls that are totally or partially buried, leaving the construction below the level of the natural terrain, reaching the level of the water table. Moisture infiltration can take the form of wet walls that can cause saltpeter stains.

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