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All our façade rehabilitation projects at CONCA Multiservicios are guaranteed.

In addition to making all kinds of facade cladding, we are specialized in:

-Apply all current regulations for the rehabilitation of buildings classified as protected.

Where the latest restoration and rehabilitation techniques are carried out.

Following an exhaustive process throughout the project.

At CONCA Multiservicios we are specialists in the rehabilitation of facades.

The rehabilitation of facades implies the recovery of their functions, through different actions on those elements that have lost their constructive function or have suffered a deterioration in their structure or appearance.

Contact us and explain your project to us, we will give you the necessary information and prepare a budget tailored to your needs.

We carry out our work with platforms and electrical scaffolding.

- Electrical scaffolding

- Tubular scaffolding

- Elevated platforms

- Bi-mast platforms

- Single mast platforms

- Vertical works



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