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Mainly specialized in interior decoration painting, using techniques such as :

- Mopping

- Stucco, false stucco

- Imitations of marble, wood and stone

- Gotelé, picados, and a long etcetera.

Although this does not mean that we have left aside the other areas of our sector, such as:

-Restoration of facades

-New construction

-Industrial paints


-Chloro rubbers


We offer the painting service for homes and neighborhood communities.

We also carry out:

-Placement of wallpaper on walls

-Vinyl paper placement

-Placement of wallpaper

-Placement of smoked paper

We undertake in a committed and reliable way the painting of walls, facades, patios, garages, storage rooms and more.

We work with a wide catalog of paint colors, as well as anti-allergenic and anti-radiation paints.

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