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Cleaning company in Alicante with multiple services and maintenance.

Services and maintenance

They are focused on all types of institutions and individuals (communities of owners, cleaning of windows / blinds, cleaning of garages / parkings, homes, premises, shops, offices, spot cleaning, cleaning of new construction, end-of-construction cleaning, maintenance of gardens and swimming pools….) and can be programmed with the frequency that best suits your needs (daily, weekly or monthly). Everything is linked to the proper use of first-class products and materials that we use with their certificates and safety data sheets corresponding to the regulations.


  • Comprehensive maintenance of communities / urbanizations.

  • Cleaning of buildings.

  • Soil treatment by crystallizing them.

  • Cleaning of garages / parking / cleaning of windows / glass / blinds.

  • Office cleaning.

  • Cleaning of premises / shops.

  • End of work cleaning, new and punctual work.

  • Cleaning with pressure machine and industrial vacuum cleaners.

  • Cleaning of rented and repossessed homes.

  • Cleaning of schools, warehouses, factories.

  • Comprehensive maintenance of gardens.

  • Maintenance of private and community pools.

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